Mumbai needs Smart Mobility

A smart urban mobility ensures the future where people and transportation systems are seamlessly connected, interacting through innovative and ITS technologies…..

Architect Profile: Sanket Jayakar

Q & A with Sanket Jayakar, Director at Kapadia Associates. In this informal chat he talks about the office and his journey he talks about his inspirations, the office culture and interests.

Trainee Talk

Every year Kapadia Associates welcomes a few interns to the practice to bring…

Facade Inspirations

Small talk by Facade Consultant Mr. K. Suresh – Director, Axis Facades. When…

Standing Tall

Small talk by Structural designer Girish Dravid – Director, Sterling Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Footpaths essential for Smart Cities

Smart city is understood as having comfortable way of living for each individual residing in that city. This comfort can be achieved by having properly planned waste management, traffic control, affordability, transportation, safety, sustainability, disaster management, education, health care facilities and such other parameters. Only then a city can be honored with the word ‘Smart’.